About us

About us

Vostre was founded in 2003. Years of experience and our extensive network of contacts are the basis for Vostre. Vostre started the business from home in 2003 with the purchasing and selling of veal and veal products. These operations soon expanded into the beef, turkey, lamb and chicken sectors as the demand required.
The company moved into new offices at the start of 2007 to ensure that the efficiency and professionalism could be further realised.

Our main sphere of activity is in the European Union. We have the options and the ambitions in-house to expand this sphere.

Vostre also stands out from the rest due to having an efficient and informal working method in place, short communication lines and a very high level of service.


We can guarantee quality by regularly assessing products at supplier sites. The advantage with regard to this is that we can harmonise the requirements of our customers with the suppliers and visa versa. This has meant that we have built up a close and strong relationship with our suppliers that is not only thoroughly businesslike, but that also has the personal touch.

We deliver an extensive package of meat types. They are of a high quality and can be supplied in the required cuts and specifications.